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Comtronians and students of the Faculty of Education entered virtual reality together


Students of the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor tested AR/VR glasses as part of the project “Project work to gain practical experience and knowledge of students in the working environment”.

AR/VR technology has been guiding us through the mysteries of virtual reality for quite some time. There are two versions available namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). With AR technology, we have the opportunity to see virtual or virtual elements without being isolated from the real environment. But we can go much further with the help of VR technology, when we leave the real environment and venture into a completely virtual or virtual world.

AR/VR technology originally penetrated the world of gaming, the film industry and the field of other 3D content. Today, we encounter this technology in practically all areas of private and business life. So it is no surprise that due to the rapid development of AR/VR technology, it has also become a modern tool for education. Education thus became dynamic and interactive. With various simulations, students, pupils and wards gain experiential knowledge, master the material faster and understand it better. Now we can go on historical journeys through different simulations of time and locations, we can visit space or perform a simulated medical procedure. The innovative way of learning using AR/VR technology is useful for education in all fields, be it mathematics, physics or art. AR/VR technology definitely contributes significantly to better preparation for entering the real world and facilitates coping with real work challenges.

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