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Comtron recipient of the Advocate Fortinet partner Mid-range firewall 2022 award

At Comtron, we prove in practice that ensuring the safe operation of our customers is of prime and vital importance to us.

The Comtron company recently received the Advocate Fortinet Partner Mid-range Firewall 2022 award. The award is a recognition of our team’s good work in the field of ensuring Internet security and an incentive for further good work in the field of responsible use of digital technology.

In practice, we demonstrate our commitment to security and, together with our partners, offer the best services to protect against online threats such as hacker attacks and data theft. Quality cooperation between companies dealing with the safe use of information technology is more important today than ever. By joining forces, we can provide the best possible protection for our customers and thereby enable better identification and handling of potential threats.

Even in the future, data security, online business security and Internet security in general will be a key and priority task for Comtron. We accept the award of Advocate Fortnet Partner Mid-range Firewall 2022 as a confirmation of our outstanding achievements in this field and as an incentive for further innovation and improvement of our services.

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