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A professional catering solution

TRONpos GASTRO REST available from €34.90/month.

A professional catering solution

TRONpos GASTRO REST is a professional program for managing catering establishments and restaurants. The advantage of the solution is the complete adaptability of the system to the requirements of users and restaurant managers, and at the same time it provides advanced tools for faster and better service to guests. The system enables stock management with standards, kitchen orders, flexible analyses, working time records, work with tables, electronic wallet management, etc. The hospitality system can be installed on a new computer or on an existing workstation. 

What is needed to prepare the cash register

What is needed to prepare the cash register?

The TRONpos team takes care of the entire implementation of the catering system in your bar. We install the programs, adapt them to your needs and wishes, and train staff to use the programs.

You just prepare the data we need for a successful implementation:

  • Price list of articles,
  • list of users with tax numbers,
  • internal act,
  • a dedicated digital certificate for tax verification of invoices.

Management program

TRONoffice is a business application for full support of the TRONpos tax office. With preset settings, it enables easy control of your sales system. It enables the system to be adapted to the needs of the company and the comfort of the staff. 

Management program

Functionalities of TRONpos GASTRO REST

Our highly qualified team takes care of the entire implementation of the project from installation to installation! 

Tax confirmation of invoices

100% in accordance with the legislation on tax certification of invoices.


The possibility of issuing wholesale documents.


Export to e-invoice.


Expansion accessories.

Receipt slips

Printing vouchers on several printers.

Working with tables

Use of tables and rooms.

Management and entry of articles

Easily edit and add items and prices.

Traffic analysis

The possibility of a wide range of advanced analyses.

Own consumption

Possibilities of issuing the document at the purchase price without VAT.

Happy Hours

Creation of price lists by hours and days.

Mobile analytics

Follow the business of the bar from anywhere and at any time

Issuance of original invoices

System connected to AJPES.

Closing the checkout

Closing the checkout with settings.

TRONoffice program

Back office software.

Stock with standards

Stock management with catering standards.

Record of working hours

Recording of working hours.

Using wallets

Use of electronic wallets.

The TRONpos tax cash register is characterized by ease of use and flexibility

When we talk about the dynamics of the modern catering or commercial business, we are faced with a multitude of tasks that require our attention. From booking tables for guests to identifying and meeting the specific needs of each customer who enters your premises. In addition, it is essential to have a system that allows employees to clearly understand their responsibilities and tasks in order to avoid confusion and ensure smooth operations. In a rapidly changing business environment, managing promotions such as coupons has also become key to attracting and retaining customers.

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Why choose us?

Experience working with a team that values quality and a personal approach

We guarantee that we will help you simplify the invoicing process, accelerate sales and increase the satisfaction of your customers! With our solutions, your business will run safely and smoothly, and sales promotion tools will help up to 30% of increased traffic.

TRONpos is the pride of Comtron doo, which is a leading company in the field of business software development and  system integrations in Slovenia for more than 30 years.

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Our team is always available to help, advise or solve any problems. We guarantee quick response and effective support.

Experienced professionals

Our many years of experience and expertise in the industry enable us to offer solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Comprehensive solutions

In addition to basic services, we also offer additional solutions that allow our customers to get everything they need in one place.

A personal approach

We pay attention to each client individually and approach their needs with customized solutions that best suit their business.


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Need help? We are available by email every day
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