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Simplify business, accelerate sales and increase customer satisfaction with our award-winning mobile tax register. The TRONpos tax office is designed with the help of the most modern technologies and enables the tracking and analysis of business operations in real time. 

Choose simplicity, speed and reliability.

The TRONpos tax office is created to make it easier for you to manage and operate your company. The comprehensive and advanced cash register system is used by more than 3,000 satisfied users in four countries.

The TRONpos cash register represents a technologically advanced solution for modern companies looking for efficient and reliable ways to manage their financial transactions. This system is designed to maximally facilitate and automate the processes related to the company's daily operations, allowing entrepreneurs to focus more on the strategic and sales aspects of their business.

By using the TRONpos tax cash register, you not only optimize your business processes, but also adapt to the requirements of the modern market and the expectations of your customers.

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What does the TRONpos tax office offer?

The TRONpos tax cash register is more than just a classic system for recording sales. It is a comprehensive solution that provides companies with a set of functions and tools that can make business more efficient, transparent and adapted to modern market requirements.

Everything you need for tax offices in one place!

The TRONpos tax office is suitable for a wide variety of industries; from kiosks, confectioners or hairdressers to retail chains and restaurant chains. Reservation of tables, meeting the needs of customers, assigning tasks to employees and managing coupons. You can easily do all this and more through the TRONpos tax cash register system.

Advantages of using the TRONpos tax cash register

With the introduction of the modern TRONpos tax cash register, you will increase the transparency of operations and increase the efficiency of all fundamental business processes within the company.

Tax confirmation of invoices

100% in accordance with the legislation on tax certification of invoices.

Sales promotion

The TRONpos comprehensive cashier solution also includes the most advanced sales promotion tools.


TRONpos tax office enables integration with various ERP systems and external systems.

Effective control

The TRONpos tax office allows control and monitoring of operations, personnel management, inventory control and a host of other functionalities that are available to you immediately. Every change in the system is always recorded and allows full control at any time.

Flexibility and simplicity

TRONpos offers a wide range of functionality, from material transactions to advanced options for analyzing business performance. A completely simple user interface is available to users, which can also be individually adjusted according to your wishes.

Experience and fast deployment

An experienced team of experts ensures a fast and efficient implementation of TRONpos - from request to implementation in just one day!

The TRONpos tax office provides support for all essential business areas and processes within the company

Are you deciding to buy a tax cash register?

To help you make such an important decision, we invite you to read the free manual, in which you will find answers to questions such as:

  • How much does the tax office cost?
  • What do I need to introduce the tax office?
  • How to choose a provider?

Other TRON products and services

The TRONpos tax cash register is characterized by ease of use and flexibility

When we talk about the dynamics of the modern catering or commercial business, we are faced with a multitude of tasks that require our attention. From booking tables for guests to identifying and meeting the specific needs of each customer who enters your premises. In addition, it is essential to have a system that allows employees to clearly understand their responsibilities and tasks in order to avoid confusion and ensure smooth operations. In a rapidly changing business environment, managing promotions such as coupons has also become key to attracting and retaining customers.

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Why choose us?

Experience working with a team that values quality and a personal approach

We guarantee that we will help you simplify the invoicing process, accelerate sales and increase the satisfaction of your customers! With our solutions, your business will run safely and smoothly, and sales promotion tools will help up to 30% of increased traffic. The TRONpos tax office is the pride of Comtron doo, which is a leading company in the field of business software development and  system integrations in Slovenia for more than 30 years.
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Choose the TRONpos tax office and invest in a system that allows you to grow your business.


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