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Do you always find goods in stock in the warehouse? Do you spend a lot of time searching for goods in the warehouse?

We guarantee productivity in warehouses with quick response and control from order to delivery of goods. With the TRONwms warehouse system, it will not happen that the goods you have in stock are not found in the warehouse.

What is TRONwms and its three core components?

The advanced warehouse system TRONwms enables comprehensive management, management and optimization of warehouses. It ensures the permanent efficiency of logistics processes and reduces the time required for receiving, issuing and managing the stock of goods in the warehouse by at least 30%.

The TRONwms warehouse system is suitable for the management and management of warehouses of all types and sizes. It combines the basic and advanced functions of WMS systems - employee management and comprehensive support in order to ensure greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility.


It is a tool used by the warehouse manager to schedule tasks for the operation of the warehouse

Terminal client

It is a terminal application with which storekeepers control the entry and exit of goods into the storage unit

Announcement review and confirmation

It is a module that is implemented in the ERP system and provides information to the users of the ERP system about the work of the warehouse

Advantages of the TRONwms storage system


The TRONwms warehouse system enables comprehensive control over the receipt and issue of goods in the warehouse, facilitates the checking of inventory status, quick transfer of inventory between warehouses, automatic creation of reports for inventories, receipts, issuance of goods, changes in the location of goods, etc.

Dispatcher - Supervisor

Announcement of tasks, review of work and workload of warehouse workers and redistribution of tasks between warehouse workers.

Easy to deploy and use

The TRONwms storage system enables easy user deployment.

Comprehensive control

Real-time recording of all movements of goods in the TRONwms warehouse system ensures an accurate stock inventory and full transparency of warehouse operations. It allows better transparency and minimizes the possibility of errors.


The goods get their location. Information about the location of the goods is always and everywhere available to you.

Shorter inventories

The TRONwms warehouse system enables the implementation of annual and intermediate (on-the-fly) inventory controls.

Terminals - Multi tasking

The TRONwms warehouse system enables the optimization of the route of picking and placing items (priority locations, weight, volume). Operations in the warehouse can be carried out by several warehouse workers at the same time.

Link to ERP

The TRONwms storage system can be connected to any ERP system running on the SQL platform.


Guaranteed 100% traceability of every event from the announcement from the ERP system to the confirmation of the task in the ERP system.

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Time saving in receiving, issuing and inventory management
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