Servers and disk arrays

Capacity requirements grow by an average of 40 percent per year. This increase in performance requirements and data queries is inevitable. Companies need to store and access data to stay competitive while complying with internal rules and regulations.

Servers are computer devices or software solutions that provide services and content to other devices or users on the network. Their role is to process requests, store data, and perform various tasks in network environments.

Disk arrays (RAID) are groups of hard drives that work together to improve the efficiency and reliability of data storage. They are used for backup, increasing data transfer speed and preventing data loss in case of failure of one or more disks.

Along with servers, disk arrays are used to store and manage data and provide better availability and performance for users and applications on the network.

Our employees are highly qualified professionals with years of experience and relevant certifications from server system and software manufacturers.

As a reliable partner, we offer you:


Turn your IT into a competitive advantage!

Our range of servers includes expandable tower servers, versatile rack servers and compact and expandable blade servers. The servers from our offer cover all the needs of your company, be it virtual servers, file servers, mail servers, terminal servers, Web or FTP servers.

Quality, a wide range of innovations, high efficiency, minimal operating costs, complexity, scalability and greater agility in daily operations turn your IT into a business advantage. Our 25 years of experience in hundreds of successfully implemented projects for setting up and virtualizing servers, as well as the invaluable experience of contractors, directly affect the development of servers, solutions and service delivery.

Understanding the operation of servers and disk arrays is crucial for any organization, as it enables the planning, maintenance and upgrading of the information infrastructure in accordance with the organization's requirements and technological progress.

Brands in our offer:

The server systems in our offer provide you with:


the offered server systems will grow with you, with your requirements for processing power, working memory and disk capacities


built-in latest technologies, latest x86 Xenon processors, super fast DDR4 working memory upgradable up to 6TB, 12Gbit/s SAS/SATA controllers for all types of SATA, SAS and SSD disk drives, ...


redundant power supply, server control software, fast response time and repair time in case of failure, …

To achieve your goals, you must have a more efficient data infrastructure that relieves employees of managing low-value storage functions and allows them to focus on using data to make your business more competitive. Nowadays, the complexity of systems and the rapid increase in the amount of data are a big challenge in the field of managing disk systems.

At Comtron, we have extensive experience in planning, sizing, implementing and maintaining disk systems, which is why even the most demanding customers trust us.

Brands in our offer:

Offering IBM disk systems

Modern disk systems allow:

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In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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