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The new legal requirement presents companies with a new challenge.

Companies are forced to quickly adapt to all legal changes, which have been quite numerous recently. Often these adjustments are not easy either. The new timekeeping requirements require companies to have accurate and up-to-date records for everyone in the work process.

Today's work environment is increasingly diverse, as companies employ more than ever on the basis of diverse legal bases; as full-time employees, part-time employees, remote employees, etc. Effective recording of working hours for all these different employment models is often faced with organizational and technical challenges. Today's business world, of course, nevertheless demands efficient, flexible and easy-to-manage solutions, which TRONtime it certainly is.

So that you can focus on your activity, we have prepared a comprehensive solution for recording working hours.

Simple TRONtime software module for legally compliant and automated recording of working hours. Enables input all required types of working time and administering and maintaining proper records. With this module, companies not only meet legal requirements, but also increase the efficiency and transparency of work processes. 

Timekeeping: Why is TRONtime the right solution for your company?

Complete time management

Simple record keeping system. Simple registration of working hours, manual entry of working hours and management by types of presence and absence. The possibility to print out the status of working hours by employees and for different reference periods.

User-friendly interface for easy use

You don't have to spend hours training your team to use complex software. The TRONtime module provides an intuitive interface that requires minimal effort to master.


It allows adaptation to different employment models, such as full-time, part-time, remote workers, etc. This enables companies to track working hours for all types of employment, which is especially important in the modern work environment.

Upgrade your business with complete time records

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Data security you can rely on

Your data is critical to your business, so we take its security seriously. TRONtime provides the highest level of data protection, so you can rest assured that your data will be safe with us.

Compliance with legislation

One of the key attributes of the module is compliance with working time legislation. Ensures that time recording is in accordance with regulations.

Dedicated support team for your success

We believe in providing exceptional support to our customers. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Your success is our priority.

Fast implementation within 24 hours

An experienced team of experts ensures the fast and efficient implementation of TRONtime. We prepare the working time records for you in just 24 hours after ordering and receiving the list of users.

Packages tailored to your needs



1 € /monthly per user

TRONtime DESK is a simple time record that is suitable for every company. 



12,90 € /month

TRONtime WEB is a simple time record that is suitable for every company. 



12,90 € /month

TRONtime MY is a working time record that we prepare for you according to your wishes

Frequently asked questions about recording working hours

Keeping records of working hours is mandatory for all companies. The only exception is sole proprietors who have only one employee.

Records of working hours must be kept for full-time employees, as well as for persons who perform work temporarily or occasionally, as well as for students and persons who work through contracts. Records are required for everyone who participates in the work process.

Most of the changes relate to the record on the use of working time, in which from 20.11.2023 it will be necessary to enter an additional 5 types of data (from No. 8 to No. 12), namely:

  1. Data on the number of hours
  2. Total number of full-time and part-time work hours worked with the type of work time worked
  3. Hours worked during overtime
  4. Unworked hours for which salary compensation is received from the employer's funds with the type of compensation code
  5. Unworked hours for which the s receives wage compensation charged to other organizations or employers and authorities with the type of compensation
  6. Unworked hours for which no salary compensation is received and
  7. The number of hours of work at the workplace, for which the insurance period with an increase is considered, or for which additional pension insurance is mandatory with the designation of the type of status
  8. The time of arrival to work and the time of departure of the worker from work
  9. Use and extent of use of breaks during working hours
  10. Hours worked in other special working conditions resulting from the distribution of working time
  11. Hours worked in unevenly distributed working hours or in temporarily redistributed working hours and
  12. Entry of the running total of hours in the week, month or of the year, which shows the reference period that is taken into account for uneven distribution and for temporary redistribution of full-time working hours (an employer who keeps records of working hours manually will be able to enter the data weekly).

Upgrade your business with complete time records

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