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POS (Point of Sale) systems and automatic identification represent key technologies and solutions for companies and organizations in today's digital business environment.

POS Systems: POS systems are software and hardware solutions designed to manage sales and transactions in places where products or services are sold to end customers, such as shops, restaurants, bars and similar business premises. These systems enable fast and accurate recording of sales, inventory management, payment tracking and offer various functionalities such as sales reporting and analytics. POS systems contribute to greater efficiency, better customer service and business optimization.

Automatic Identification: Automatic identification refers to technologies and systems that enable the automatic identification and tracking of products, equipment or other objects in a business environment. The most commonly used methods of automatic identification include barcodes, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), barcode readers, biometrics and more. This enables companies to track the movement and status of their assets, improve traceability, reduce errors and increase efficiency in a variety of industries, including logistics, manufacturing, trade and healthcare.

POS systems and automatic identification play a key role in optimizing business processes, improving customer service and enabling better business management and control. Both technologies are indispensable for companies that want to remain competitive and flexible in today's rapidly changing business environment.

POS equipment, which is used in many companies, is crucial for efficient and reliable operations. POS, which stands for "Point of Sale" or point of sale, is a technology that enables the acceptance of payments from customers and at the same time records all necessary transactions.

One of the most used components of POS equipment is the POS terminal. This device is the central part of the system and allows customers to securely pay for products or services. With its help, an integrated process is implemented, which includes barcode readers and invoice printing. This allows easy tracking of sales and inventory, which is extremely important for business control.

In addition, POS equipment allows businesses to accept various payment methods such as cash, credit cards, mobile wallets and more. This provides customers with convenience and flexibility in payment, which increases customer satisfaction and improves business opportunities.

However, POS equipment is not only important for accepting payments. It also enables better inventory management, sales tracking, business analysis and provides accurate financial data. This helps the company better understand its customers and optimize its operations for greater efficiency.

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TSC label printers

TSC label printers are renowned for their strong, reliable construction, exceptional durability and ease of use, and are backed by a two-year warranty as standard – benefits that have impressed many satisfied customers around the world.


POS printers

Powerful printers for versatile use.


Customer displays

With USB or RS232 interface, from classic 2×20 screens up to 7" screens.


Barcode readers

We offer you all types of barcode scanners, such as manual, wireless, fixed. You can choose between 1D or 2D barcode reading technology.


All in one systems

The All In One touch cashier system is the ideal solution for an efficient cashier station.


Cash drawers

To keep your money safe!



Thermal rolls, labels, ribbons, batteries, print heads, rollers...

hand-held terminals

Handheld terminals

Portable handheld terminals are indispensable equipment of every warehouse, shop, production environment, or the entire logistics chain.


Monitors and PC systems

Increase productivity with quality touch screens.


Money sorters and testers

We offer everything from a small pen to larger authentication systems (UV, IR, MG technologies).

Business solutions for modern companies

In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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