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Online solutions are a very broad concept these days. We offer you a rich selection of quality online solutions that help you establish your company and brand recognition.

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Creation of online stores and connection to the ERP system

We create a website for you, i.e. a presentation of your company, we set up an online store for you, if your industry allows you to sell online. Since our team includes programmers, web content creators and graphic designers, we will take care of your website or store in a comprehensive way, from the very operation to the appearance. We help you become more recognizable both online and in the real market. 

Our competitive advantage is that we use our tools in regular business and thus improve them on the fly, as the business and programming departments are in constant communication. We offer you both an online solution and support that takes place after the service has been completed. We offer support via telephone conversations, e-mail and remote assistance, but we can also offer assistance at your company's headquarters.

We invite you to take a look at our TRONweb solution group and what we can offer you. We are sure you will find something for yourself. If you need something, you won't be able to find it yourself, give us a call or send us an e-mail anyway. We believe that we can come to an agreement that will suit both parties and that we can help you!

Custom web solutions - TecDoc catalog

Are you in the auto parts industry? Our solution for connecting to the TecDoc catalog will certainly make your work easier and provide a great competitive advantage. It enables a complete car browsing catalog within your B2B store with a direct connection to the ERP system.

Add the item to the cart with one click. It is also possible to display alternative articles from manufacturers that are not in TECDoc. In this case, we display the name and image from the ERP system. Display of the use of the catalog in the TIC ERP system. The link is also from the online store itself. Articles that are linked to the catalog can display data from the catalog in the online store itself.

Possible searches:

  • by car
  • through the engine
  • via the TecDoc number
  • via KBA number
  • through the article

Additional data:

  • about the vehicle
  • about the item
  • pictures
  • etc...

Connection to the ERP system:

  • regular price
  • your price
  • price for a registered user
  • stock

What do our online stores offer you?

Advanced Searches & Quick Keyword Search

View past searches, quick links, similar price searches...

Additional item sorting

Improving the method of sorting articles (simply adding an arbitrary sorting parameter) we choose an arbitrary parameter on the article by which we want to sort. Currently, TRON WEB supports SQL and XML documents. Sorting is possible by: stock, price, title, topicality, popularity

Expanded category display and drop-down menu

An expanded view of categories appears on the left side of the web page. An expanded menu for each category appears on mouse hover event.

TRON suggestion autocomplete search

FullTextSearch with automatic search results. The search string entry is completely independent and can be in any order and does not need the entire search string to perform a successful search.

Advanced SQL store procedure custom connections

Estimated arrival date

In connection with the Vasco ERP system, it is possible to write information on the expected arrival date of the item from the order document to the supplier.

Interactive guide

You can offer your online store visitors the most suitable product to which they will be directed with the help of interactive guides.

Dynamic filters with regular names

Filters work dynamically based on the data written on the item name.

Meta groups (promotions, news, we are cleaning the warehouse)

In connection with ERP TIC, you can highlight items that belong to a certain meta group (promotions, novelties, we are cleaning the warehouse, sale). You can display these items grouped together in meta groups on the website.

Tire finders

tire specific search engines with AJAX support

  • adjustable by the administrator (adding attributes, offered values, help, linking to any category)
  • when selecting a new category within the search engine, the attributes are filled asynchronously, the user does not notice that a request to the server has taken place in the background

  • Various item displays

    TRONweb allows three different displays of articles within subcategories and search results. The page visitor can choose his desired display, which is preserved until the next selected change.

    Google analytics Ecommerce

    Tracking purchases on the online store using the Google Analytics tool.

    Item size/color variation

    Module for selling items in different colors and sizes. In TRONInterCentre, articles are linked article/superarticle.

    Simultaneously adding multiple items to the cart WITH AJAX support

    You can limit the quantity selection to preset values. In this way, we enter the quantities for several articles and add them all to the basket at once.

    Ability to switch between page views (merchant - customer)

    Especially suitable for B2B merchants who show the products in the online store to the customer physically in the store. They simply switch to the view for the customer (which is configurable in my account), then it shows the items to the customer, hiding their price, stock, rebate, …

    User B2B page settings

    The user can set the display of possible fields himself (the fields are shown in the picture below) in the tabular overview - turn columns on and off, select no. of hits per page, you can set a general margin on items, ...

    Selection of display items on the first level of classification

    For each first level of classification, we can choose the items that will appear at the top. With this functionality, you can highlight items and change the display order.

    Tire labeling online

    Using the module, energy efficiency labels are automatically generated for each tire from the tire data entered in the ERP. The user can sort tires by label.

    Online store builder packages

    Choose from four packages of TRONweb web solutions. From those who just want to present their business online, to those who want an advanced online store.










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    Need help? We are available by email every day
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