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December 2023

In front of you are the current news, news at the box office and interesting announcements of the past month. Regular monitoring of posts will help you overcome your daily business challenges!

A special feature of our company is the regular monthly meetings of all employees in the TRONpos department, at which we solve current problems encountered in the course of our work, inform each other about new developments and discuss proposals to optimize and improve our work and thus enable our customers to have even better quality and comprehensive service.

In the following, we will take a look at the innovations that we implemented last month.


Issuance of an advance invoice

We have enabled advance transactions at the TRONpos cash desk. You issue an invoice for the advance payment received (advance invoice) when the buyer e.g. pays the advance invoice, but you have not yet delivered the goods or the service has not yet been performed. The solution enables the preparation, printing and issuing of an invoice, partially or fully paid in advance.

New functionalities

  • Action - new field "Use for loved one" created
  • In connection with TRONxERP - new field "Visible at checkout" on the user.

News in TRONxERP

New functionalities

  • Option to export selected documents to a .ZIP file
  • We have added new fields on the user: phone and mobile phone
  • We can enter text in the "Tax number" field and the results will be displayed
  • It is possible to add hot buttons

  • New functionalities - WHOLESALE module

  • Display of the document flow creation process and movement between them.
  • Quick change of document type.
  • Display data based on customer - insight into the last 10 documents.
  • Column freezing is enabled (generally on all tables) for quick data retrieval.
  • Quick button (F4) to display the document.
  • Activation on the position (by right-clicking) displays additional function buttons (copy, latest sales conditions, ...).
  • The possibility of adding sections and displaying them on the printout.

  • In case of ambiguity or for more information regarding innovations and their use, please contact us.

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