Monitoring of business processes

The monitoring of business processes is crucial for organizations, as it enables accurate insight into the workflow, identification of process efficiency, and adaptation and optimization of operational activities to achieve business goals.

Business process monitoring enables efficiency, control, adjustment and analysis

Digital tools today enable real-time tracking and analysis, giving companies the ability to respond immediately. These technologies can identify bottlenecks, the efficiency of individual phases, or even suggest automated solutions to common challenges.

But technology alone is not enough. The human touch is crucial: the ability to understand data, recognize patterns and interpret them in the context of the overall business environment. Leaders who know how to combine technological capabilities with human understanding are the ones who will lead their companies to success in the future.

Our certified experts offer you:

Microsoft SharePoint

The key to success is good cooperation and communication between employees

Microsoft SharePoint is a multifunctional solution for effective collaboration between employees, information exchange, file and document management, and work process automation. Due to its simplicity, usability and accessibility, the tool is extremely popular among users. Through the application, you can access the team and resources of the organization via smartphones and tablets and be productive even outside the office.

SharePoint allows you to easily integrate various forms, Outlook calendars, Excel forms, Word documents, PDF document archives, images, multimedia...

SharePoint can be a single product or multiple SharePoint products such as:

  1. SharePoint Online
  2. A cloud service hosted on Microsoft servers. No infrastructure costs.
  3. SharePoint Server

Key benefits of implementing Microsoft SharePoint

A simple and useful tool

The strength of Microsoft SharePoint lies in the fact that it combines many features for collaboration, content management and data sharing in one integrated solution.

Faster data transfer between employees and project teams

With its centralized platform, information is stored in one place, making it easy to share and access.

A platform that adapts to the needs of the company

Its modular functionalities allow businesses to choose and customize the features that best suit their workflow.

The company's central information hub

All key information is stored in one place. This centralization allows employees easy access to documents and data.

Optimization of workflows and business processes

When it comes to optimizing workflows and business processes, SharePoint stands out as one of the leading tools on the market

Easy management of contacts, data and documents

Centralized storage enables organized and systematic access to all resources. Built-in collaboration tools encourage efficient document sharing and revision.

Control over the performance of tasks, results and problems

Microsoft SharePoint enables companies to have comprehensive control over the performance of tasks, which ensures transparency and accountability in the work process. With intuitive tracking tools, managers can quickly identify issues and bottlenecks. Integrated reporting tools enable analysis of results and identification of areas for improvement.

Request Tracker

An ideal tool for teams where multiple users share one common email address

Request Tracker is a step towards better efficiency of the whole team! Organization and traceability of all tasks, requests and requests in one place!

Are you using shared email addresses?

info@…. , sales@… , support@… , service@… , informatics@… , accounting@… , xy@…

Backlogs, open requests and unanswered inquiries are a thing of the past with Request Tracker (RT)!

The Request Tracker (RT) tool is a solution for working with requests and tasks, which we adapt together with you to your needs and requirements, if:

Key functionalities of Request Tracker

Simple and transparent interface

The possibility of individual adaptation and expansion according to your needs. Adding custom fields.

Easier management of debts according to priorities

Categorize requests according to priority (low, medium, high).


Track your tasks and requests assigned to others. Track the current status and activities by tasks/requests, by responsible person, by groups, by statuses, by priorities... Each new case gets a unique tracking number.

Analyzes and reviews of requests and tasks

Unlimited options for analyzes and graphs - we set them according to your wishes. The most common: ▪ by status (new, in progress, completed...); ▪ by users (by employees, by groups, by external contractors, by dislocated units, by customers...); ▪ by time (average resolution of claims, monthly analysis, annual analysis...); ▪ by location (when requests are received from dislocated units); ▪ by type of claim (IT, maintenance, service, support...) ▪ different combinations of the above.

Determination of user rights

You can assign different levels of access to users. Users of different departments can see different types.

Monitoring via the mobile phone interface

All tasks/requests can be monitored and edited via mobile phone.

Integration with an existing ERP or CRM system

Transferring the existing customer base (names, addresses, contacts...).

Overview and fine-tuning of risk assessments

You can more precisely define a duration estimate for a task, which avoids overloading people when one person is assigned several tasks. Each person knows exactly which claims they have in the work and how long it will take or needed to complete the claim.

Review of claim history

Have an overview of the history of requests (chronological analysis, analysis by users, groups, etc.). All past communication with the customer is collected in one place and visible with a newly received request.

Distribution of work (even in the absence of a certain person)

Adjust tasks to a realistic amount of work and avoid people working on too many tasks at the same time. When a certain person is absent from work, his cases can be reviewed and, if necessary, taken over by another person.

Redirecting requests to a specific user or group

Speed up request receipt and processing, and group multiple users into a group and forward the request to the entire group, and the request will be received by the available user.

Automatic tasks for each new request received

To ensure that each task is taken over, the system can frequently remind the user (if desired, also the manager) that there is a new request in the system (e.g. as an email or as a short beep on the mobile phone) until it is taken over. Automatic warnings about claims that have not been accepted for too long (e.g. in the case of maintenance/service contracts...).


Your "Google Drive" for business use

Today, working with computers is not limited to just one device. Your employees often have the need to present their data, documents, images, presentations via different devices, so a solution in your own cloud is very useful.

Employees use tools or websites such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter... With these solutions, you lose control over your data and your privacy. OwnCloud is your powerful private cloud. Functionally, it is similar to the Dropbox solution and allows anyone to install it, as it supports extensions that allow it to work like Google Drive with online editing of documents, calendar, contacts... Your employees can use it from a desktop on a computer or from a mobile phone. OwnCloud supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You can store private pictures, documents, calendar and contacts in OwnCloud, which you can access from anywhere and anytime. The pictures you take can be immediately automatically uploaded to OwnCloud. The web interface allows you to view shares and edit files together with others. With your own OwnCloud, you can easily share files, documents, pictures, etc. and share them with anyone you want.

OwnCloud easily integrates with existing enterprise tools and infrastructure, including:

  • SharePoint
  • Windows Network Drivers
  • S3, Swift, Ceph or FTP

OwnCloud users have access to a full suite of file sharing features and can collaborate from their workplace, laptops, tablets and phones. Installation is quick and easy, as wizard interfaces allow OwnCloud to be integrated with existing Active Directory services, SharePoint, Windows network drives, and more. OwnCloud is installed in your data warehouse, which you manage yourself. Encryption keeps your files secure on the server and still allows sharing between users. The firewall ensures that the intrusion detection rules set by the administrator are met. Owncloud takes advantage of all available and existing additional storage and file management capabilities, including backup and recovery.

What can you do with OwnCloud?

File sharing

It can be done from anywhere, even when you don't have your laptop with you. You can easily share files through your mobile phone. Users have access to a user interface from which they can access the files they need, synchronize and share files on any device, anytime, anywhere.


It makes collaboration easier because users don't have to ask again and again if they have the latest version available. Continuous operation in the background actively monitors all file changes and updates them with each change.

Save your favorite files

It makes it easier to find the documents you work on and use on a daily basis.

User management

View visitors and sort by first or last name, last login or even save location. New users can be added by clicking a button or via email.

Search engine

It allows you to search for documents and files based on the contents of your files, not just file names.

File collaboration and editing

They can be edited by multiple users at the same time. Collaborators editing the same document can see changes in real time. This increases productivity while maintaining control over sensitive company data.

Key functions

▪Edit collaboration ▪View and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations ▪Maintain document layout and formatting ▪Add comments and replies ▪File version history ▪Full screen view ▪Support for all web browsers ▪Increase productivity

Integration with SharePoint

It is especially important when the group leader is absent. SharePoint enables collaboration, but not easy access when the manager is on the go. With OwnCloud, however, a team leader can access all SharePoint files through the OwnCloud interface.


Commenting is possible while editing documents in the flow of activities. Real-time comments enhance the collaboration of daily business activity.

Business solutions for modern companies

In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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