Software Licensing

Licenses are a legal contract between an intellectual property owner and a user that specifies the terms of use, distribution, or modification of software, content, or other resources.

Buying licensed software has several advantages and can prove to be a good choice for organizations and individuals.

Timely license renewals are key to ensuring your software remains legal and useful. Timely renewal of licenses is necessary because:

  • If you do not renew your license in time, you risk your use becoming illegal, which may lead to legal consequences.
  • Timely renewal of licenses allows your software to remain in use without interruption. This ensures the smooth operation of your processes and services.
  • License renewals often also include software updates that fix security vulnerabilities. This reduces the risk of attacks and data security breaches.
  • Some licenses also include the right to technical support and maintenance. Timely renewal allows you to continue using these services.
  • Proper planning and timely renewal of licenses allows you to better plan financially and manage costs, as you avoid unexpected downtime and high renewal costs.


Microsoft is the most recognizable software manufacturer in the world

It offers a basic platform for working at home in the form of Windows 11 operating systems, Office packages as an advanced platform for use in business environments such as Windows Server 2022, SQL server, Exchange mail server and a bunch of advanced tools such as ACCESS, VISIO, Visual Studio, PROJECT, Microsoft Dynamics…

We know several licensing methods from OEM, DSP, volume licensing (OLP), rental model (OVS or EA for larger users). Currently, O365 packages and the Microsoft AZURE server platform are also very relevant, which also offer monthly rental of a certain set of software, which ensures financial independence, lower investment costs and billing according to actual monthly consumption.

At Comtron, we also offer you the option of an internal SAM review (Software Asset Management), which means a review of the current state of the adequacy of license coverage, advice on various licensing methods, and the option of purchasing all types of licenses to meet the license conditions of the manufacturer.


Adobe is changing the world with digital experiences!

Their creative, marketing and documentation solutions enable everyone from young artists to global corporations to realize and deliver digital projects to the right person at the right time for the best results.

As an ADOBE partner, we offer the possibility of renting and buying various types of licenses, both for companies and for educational institutions and individuals from a wide range of Adobe solutions.


ESET licenses

ESET offers different types of licenses for its security solutions, which include antivirus protection, firewalls and other security features. ESET's licensing models allow flexible choice based on the needs of an individual or organization, including annual subscriptions, multi-year licenses and different platforms. With its licenses, ESET provides users with online security and protection against many online threats.


Corel licenses

Corel is a renowned software development company known for its creative solutions such as CorelDRAW, Corel Painter and Corel VideoStudio, which enable the creation of professional-level graphics, illustrations and videos. Their products are user-friendly, with rich functionalities and enable distinctive and innovative design in various creative industries.

Business solutions for modern companies

In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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