E-mail, or electronic mail, is an electronic method of communication that enables the exchange of messages, documents, files and information between people via computers and the Internet.

A mail server is a server program that takes care of receiving, storing, delivering and sending e-mail between users or domains.

The main components and functions of a mail server include:

  • Receiving mail: The mail server receives email messages from clients (eg email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird).
  • Mail delivery:The mail server ensures the delivery of received messages to the appropriate e-mail addresses of users or other servers.
  • Message storage:A mail server stores received and sent messages and other email data on the server or external storage.
  • Sending mail:A mail server allows users to send email to other users or domains via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • Authentication and Authorization: Ensuring the safety and security of e-mail with mechanisms to verify the identity of senders and determine who can send and receive e-mail.
  • Filtering and antivirus protection: Dealing with spam, identifying malware and malicious attachments.
  • Synchronization: Enable synchronization of email, contacts, calendars and other data between different devices and clients.
  • Settings and configuration: System administrators set up and configure the mail server based on the needs of the organization or individual. Each organization or email service provider may have their own specific settings and additional features depending on their requirements, security practices and infrastructure.

Microsoft Exchange


With Exchange, you can tailor a solution to your unique needs, communication will always be available, and you will remain in control. Choose to rapidly migrate to the cloud, deploy on-premises, or manage a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both online and on-premises. Manage powerful capabilities, including data loss prevention and Office 365 Groups, in an easy-to-use web admin center for Exchange. With role-based access, you can efficiently manage Exchange and assign tasks. With archiving features, large mailboxes, and retention policies in Exchange, users can keep important data in one place, while you take control of storage and regulatory compliance requirements.


Exchange enables you to be more efficient by managing growing volumes of communications across multiple devices and collaborating more effectively across teams. Get more done, faster, with an inbox that displays relevant and important messages and contains rule settings that suit the way you work. Simplify and improve collaboration with Office 365 teams, connecting the people, information, and tools you need to do more together. With a group inbox, calendar, and conversations, the group can stay organized and keep things moving forward. Sharing files with a group is easy with OneDrive for Business, as you can co-author in real-time, and when a file is updated, everyone in the group gets an automatic notification. Access content, conversations, tasks, or schedules across your devices using Outlook for iOS and Android or Outlook Web App.


Zimbra is a comprehensive open source communication solution for teamwork

Zimbra is a mail system that is compatible with MS tools or you can access it securely through various web browsers or a dedicated client. It is secure, as it optionally offers protection against spam and viruses, and ensures data encryption at key points. It is a reliable system as it optionally offers the option of organizing a backup copy and is expandable with other business systems. At the same time, it is characterized by great mobility, as you can access mail, calendars and other data anywhere and anytime - from all mobile platforms.

Basically, we know perpetual and subscription licenses. For permanent licenses, it is recommended to enter into a maintenance agreement every year that allows access to new versions, and this is already included with annual licenses. Zimbra packages are sold in bundles of 25 licenses. It includes fast and reliable e-mail, personal and group calendars and address books, tasks, meeting rooms and file storage. You can access Zimbra via a rich web interface, a desktop application, or a mobile phone. It is also compatible with other applications such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.


IceWarp is an ideal tool for fast exchange of data and information both online, offline and via mobile devices. You can rent an IceWarp mail server in the cloud or have it installed locally on your server.

IceWarp is a company that specializes in the development of communication and collaboration solutions and offers a variety of products and services aimed at business organizations. Their solutions are designed to improve communication, collaboration and message management in businesses and include a variety of tools and services.
Some of the products and services offered by IceWarp include:

  • Email: IceWarp provides email solutions, including secure and reliable email that includes functionality such as email, contact and calendar synchronization, spam filtering, and more.
  • Collaboration tool: The company offers collaboration tools such as chat, conference calls, and teamwork that allow employees to collaborate and communicate effectively at a distance.
  • Message Management: IceWarp enables businesses to manage email and other messages, including archiving, security and cross-channel communication.
  • Administrative Tools: IceWarp provides management and administration tools that allow administrators to control the environment and services and ensure security and reliability.
  • Mobile Access: Users can access their email accounts and other IceWarp services via mobile devices, enabling mobile productivity.

Features of the LanSchool program:

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