Contract maintenance

Contractual maintenance is an agreement between an organization/company and a service provider, where the terms and scope of maintenance services for certain equipment, systems or services are determined.

For this purpose, we offer an online portal to all our software users and other partners

On the portal, you can report cases related to work processes, engage with our one-on-one support and follow the stages of your case.


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contract maintenance

Do you need maintenance? We are available every day from
MON-FRI 08:00-16:00

contract maintenance

Do you need maintenance? We are available to you
every day from
MON-FRI 08:00-16:00

contract maintenance

Do you need maintenance? We are available to you
every day from
MON-FRI 08:00-16:00

With the concluded contractual maintenance, you can ensure


With contract maintenance, we ensure that your critical assets, systems and equipment are in good condition, contributing to long-term reliability and efficiency.

At Comtron, we offer contractual maintenance of the entire computer infrastructure (LAN and WAN network, servers, disk arrays, computers, printers...)

With contracted maintenance
we provide you with computer infrastructure

Consistency and regularity

Consistent and regular maintenance of computer infrastructure, which contributes to long-term reliability and performance.

Response time

Guaranteed faster response time in the event of a problem or outage, as the contract often specifies a fixed time frame for repairs.

Preventive diagnosis

We evaluate potential errors, repairs, updates, which can help the organization reduce unexpected costs.

Monitoring and reporting

Regular monthly reports on the condition of your equipment and the performance of maintenance activities.


Our experts are always at your disposal with their experience in the field of infrastructure maintenance.

Spare parts and equipment

In the event of a breakdown, we can provide you with spare parts and equipment or we provide a replacement as soon as possible.

Support and advice

Professional support and advice when planning upgrades or optimizing the computer infrastructure.

Saving time and resources

You can focus on your main business, and leave the maintenance of the computer infrastructure to our experts.

Long-term reliability

Contractual maintenance helps extend the life of computer equipment and ensures that it is reliable and functioning at an optimal level.

Hire an expert

We offer the possibility of monthly leasing of hours for the work of our expert at your location.

Lower prices

Contractual maintenance also brings savings. When concluding a maintenance contract, we offer you special discounts on equipment and services.

An investment in the future

Contract maintenance of computer infrastructure is an investment in the long-term reliability and performance of the organization, as well as reducing the risks of downtime and unexpected repair costs.

And to whom to entrust the maintenance of such demanding technologies,
such as modern information systems?

The answer is simple: to a company that has many years of experience in this field and controls the entire spectrum of information technologies and solutions. Comtron has both long-standing and comprehensive experience in the field of information technologies. Finally, it makes sense to choose a company that can offer certainty and can provide a solution or replacement equipment at any time.

Business solutions for modern companies

In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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Experience working with a team that values quality and a personal approach

Support and help

Our team is always available to help, advise or solve any problems. We guarantee quick response and effective support.

Experienced professionals

Our many years of experience and expertise in the industry enable us to offer solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Comprehensive solutions

In addition to basic services, we also offer additional solutions that allow our customers to get everything they need in one place.

A personal approach

We pay attention to each client individually and approach their needs with customized solutions that best suit their business.

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