Computer network

A computer network is a complex structure that enables the interconnection of computers and other IT devices and enables the exchange of data, which is the key to the smooth functioning of a modern organization.

Networks of the future

Advantages of LAN networks or of connected computers are that users have access to shared files and data. You can use network printers, IP phones and exchange files directly. Security is also of great importance, because by implementing a network server you increase security. All data is stored in one place, so there is a greater chance of protecting it. Due to the increased number of external and internal intrusions into computer networks, network security has become one of the biggest problems of IT administrators.

At Comtron, we are aware that network infrastructure speeds are one of the most important operational factors, along with security, so we strive to keep them ever higher. We recommend upgrading the existing or building a new at least 10/100Gbit backbone network, which significantly increases the responsiveness and performance of the network infrastructure.


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In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

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