Certified partner statuses

The certified partner statuses we hold put us in a unique position to offer our customers superior solutions and services in the field of information technology. The certifications are the result of our commitment to continuous improvement and professional knowledge acquisition, which allows us to stay at the cutting edge of technological progress.

Business information system

We offer a reliable business information system TRONInter center, the advantage of which is individual adaptability. With connected modules, we offer complete records and traceability of business events, fast data processing and business security.

business information system
TRON pos
Tax office TRONpos

Simplify business, accelerate sales and increase customer satisfaction with our award-winning mobile tax register. TRONpos is designed with the help of the most modern technologies and enables tracking and analysis of business in real time.



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Need help? We are available by phone every day from
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Get to know the laptop series

Dell's latest portfolio of Latitude laptops has been redesigned with features that make you feel more connected to your work than ever before.

With a new emphasis on sustainability, thanks to recycled materials incorporated into the components and 100% recycled transport packaging.

With the Latitude series of laptops, you've never felt better about your work.

comtron doo

Company Comtron

is one of the leading companies in the field of system integrations and business software in Slovenia. The beginning of a successful business journey in the field of computing and business ICT dates back to 1989.

Today, we have the knowledge and experience we have gained in more than a quarter of a century of continuous pursuit of excellence and moving milestones in meeting the needs of our business partners.

a leading integrator with tradition

The Comtron company is one of the leaders, and certainly a system integrator with a tradition.

development of software and web solutions

Comtron develops its own business software and web solutions.

sale of computer equipment and software

Comtron also supplies you with computers, computer components and other software.

Don't let a broken device stop you - schedule a service today!

In our service center, we offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for your computer devices. Whether it's a desktop, laptop or printer, our team of experts keep your devices running smoothly.

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Our services

Affordable and professional business information services

System solutions

For your efficient business, we offer you innovative and competitive system integration of business processes and a high-quality and secure server (cloud) system.

System solutions

With our help, your business can optimize productivity and ensure uninterrupted operations in any environment.
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Communication solutions

We offer you comprehensive communication solutions. Our solutions are based on equipment from leading manufacturers of communication technologies Cisco Systems, DELL EMC, SONICWALL, HP.

Communication solutions

As their certified partner, we implement communication solutions from network planning and associated communication links to implementation.
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We offer you a comprehensive set of software to effectively support all areas of your business. We adapt to your needs and wishes.


Focused on results and business growth. Experience, flexibility and support at every step of your business process
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POS systems

POS (Point of Sale) systems represent the core of modern retail business, enabling efficient transaction processing.

POS systems

In today's competitive market environment, choosing the right POS system is key to ensuring efficient and smooth operations and improving the customer experience.
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Computer service

In our service and technical department, we will train you or give you appropriate advice on any malfunctioning computer component.

Computer service

The smooth operation of computer systems is key to productivity and success, whether in a business environment or at home.
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In our store, we combine passion for technology and love for cycling. We offer a wide selection of computer equipment and bicycles.


We understand that quality is key, so we carefully select only the best products to offer to our customers. Our team of experts is always ready to advise and help you choose the right equipment or bike that will best suit your needs and wishes.
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Business solutions for modern companies

In today's age of constant digital change, it's crucial for businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools and software to stay competitive, efficient and flexible. Our range of business solutions is designed to enable your company to function optimally and succeed at every step.

Why choose us?

Experience working with a team that values quality and a personal approach

Support and help

Our team is always available to help, advise or solve any problems. We guarantee quick response and effective support.

Experienced professionals

Our many years of experience and expertise in the industry enable us to offer solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Comprehensive solutions

In addition to basic services, we also offer additional solutions that allow our customers to get everything they need in one place.

A personal approach

We pay attention to each client individually and approach their needs with customized solutions that best suit their business.

Our customers' opinions

What our customers think about us

Ordering process

In order to facilitate the ordering process and ensure the best possible experience, we have prepared simple instructions for you. Follow the steps below and join our network of satisfied customers quickly and easily.

An easy step to our services

Free consultation

Based on your feedback, we will advise you on the best solutions and approaches.

Package selection

Each package is designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Integration of services

We will adapt our services to your business environment and guide you through the entire process.


Our team will be at your disposal for all kinds of questions and usage support.

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Make an appointment

In order to give you the best attention to your specific needs, we offer you the possibility of arranging an individual appointment. This way you can make sure you have our full attention.

We guarantee that we will be fully available to you at the agreed time and to answer all your questions.

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Monthly TRONpos news

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