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IBM’s Excellence Award 2022 awarded to Comtron

For the second year in a row, we at Comtron were delighted to receive an award from our business partner, IBM. IBM’s Excellence Award, which we received for 2021 and 2022, is a recognition of business excellence for a significant contribution to a successful business partnership.

The award is a reflection of the excellence and innovation that Comtron demonstrates in developing business solutions and providing the best services to its customers. The award is another confirmation of the correct direction of the company and at the same time a reward for the effort, hard work and dedication of the Comtron team. IBM is a long-standing partner of Comtron, and thus the award further strengthens the trust that weaves a long-term, stable and excellent business relationship. When accepting the award, the feeling of belonging to the work of the IBM family was expressed even more strongly. At the same time, the award will be our investment in the future and is a strong incentive for further growth, development and success of the company.

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