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A successfully completed project by Comtron and the UM Faculty of Education in the field of using VR technology for educational purposes

Successfully completed project of the Comtron company and the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor: “Project work for the acquisition of practical experience and knowledge of students in the working environment” in the field of using AR/VR technology in education.

AR/VR technology definitely contributes significantly to better preparation for entering the real world and facilitates coping with real work challenges. For this reason, Comtron, together with the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor, joined the project “Project work to gain practical experience and knowledge of students in the working environment”.

Work mentor and director of PCI, M.Sc. Rado Jelen from the Comtron company presented the company, its development and technical innovations in the field of using virtual reality technology in the field of education to the students of the Faculty of Education. A practical workshop and training for the use of VR glasses Meta Quest 2 was carried out. The students took the acquired knowledge to a real work environment, where they recorded a promotional video about the use of VR glasses for the needs of the educational process. On the basis of the project work, two promotional videos were created that show the didactically meaningful use of Meta Oculus 2 VR glasses in education: on the example of a kindergarten learning to observe nature, as a virtual excursion within the group work of students, on the example of learning and experiencing the dimensions of the universe at geography lessons in elementary school and when using the virtual chemistry laboratory. The video includes real footage from the school environment, statements from children and students, and examples of screenshots of the applications used.

The following participated in the project: Pedagogical mentors: Assoc. dr. Nikolaja Golob, UM Faculty of Education project manager and assistant. Katja Zemljič, UM Faculty of Education Work mentor: mag. Rado Jelen, director of PCI, Comtron, d.o.o. Participating students: Daša Žuman, Ana Murko, Lana Žugman, Sara Jurović, Neža Uršič, Mojca Opčkal, Staša Vodeb, Vesna Hriberšek Camera: Sergej Črnčec and Janez Dobaj Video editing: Janez Dobaj.

Project duration: 3.1.2023 – 2.6.2023.

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